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Netball is a team sport that was invented by James Naismith in 1981. This sport had been adapted from the rules of basketball and is originated in The United States. The game quickly spread across the British Empire after the first rules were published in 1901, becoming popular and spreading through schools. Soon the sport was played outdoors and started to be referred as netball.

The court is divided into three parts. Each position has a certain area that they can run in. The Center, Wing Attack, Wing Defence, Goal Attack and Goal defence are aloud to step in the center third which is the middle section of the court. The positions that can stand in the goal thirds are the Center, Wing Attack, Wing Defence, Goal Attack, Goal Defence, Goal Shoot and Goal Keep. Goal Shoot and Goal Keep are the only positions that can run around in the shooting section of the court.

The main pass that is used in netball is chest past which is a pass from your chest to another. An overhead pass is when you throw the ball over your head with strength so the ball can be thrown a longer distance. A bounce pass is when you bounce the ball close to your teammates feet and into his/hers stomach. The throes need to be powerful so when the opponents defend, it’ll be too powerful to catch.

As you’re holding the ball, you cannot step with it so if you’re running too fast and your teammate passes the ball to you and you step, the ref will blow the whistle and it’ll be a hand over. To defend you put your hands up and when your partner throws the ball, you try and hit it or catch it. Contact is when you touch the ball or knock it out of somebody’s hands when they’re already holding the ball. It’s also when you bump somebody off during the match. Obstruction is when you don’t keep your distance when you defend the ball. When the ref sees you doing obstruction, they will call the whistle.

Shooting is very important in netball because that’s how you score and win the game. Goal Attack and Goal Shoot are the shootings in the team. Goal Keep and Goal Defence are their opponents. When you shoot, you need to have good shooting technique. You have to shoot the ball into a round hoop but if you miss, you have to get the rebounds and try again. Once you complete shooting the ball into the rung, you have scored a goal for your team.

There are many tricks you can use in netball. One of my favourites is when one of your teammates opponent is running really fast and then you fake a pass and your teammate goes back and you pass the ball. There is another trick where you look at someone but then pass it to someone else, making the opponents defend the person who you’re looking at.

In netball you need to be supportive and not negative. When you finish a game, you need to high five your opponents and be congratulate them whether they have lost or won. The main things you need in netball is good vision and good skills.

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