Monday, August 26, 2013

Cross Country 2013

Walking up to a string laid across the muddy grass knowing that its the start line, listening to Mr Burt giving us a reminder of the directions. “ARE YOU READY?” He shouts as he waits for an answer. “YES!” The year 7 girls and I reply. “TAKE YOUR MARK..... GET SET..... GO!”

Everybody sprints off as fast as they could like its the end of the world, splashing mud onto their body. “Hurry up!” I say to the other people as I laugh. Running to the first orange cone seeing a Tamaki College boy standing next to it. “Go around the cone” He said. Around the cone we went seeing the next cone with a another boy standing next to it. “Nice one girls, keep it up!” We smiled as he said that. Going pass the rest of the intermediate kids, hearing them cheering for us.

Along the tree’s, through the fence, over the wood to Miss King. Jogging through deep puddles and muddy mud slipping and sliding as I go along. I checked if I had mud on my legs just before Mr Somerville said “Hey Quziyah, I think your a little dirty!” I giggled and knew he was joking as I saw a lot of mud on me.

As I stopped running and started walking to get back more energy, I saw boys and girls passing me and thought I should start jogging. So as I jogged to the finish line, I see Raeleen. We both finished as a tie and started our second lap.

One whole lap again I thought to myself feeling so exhausted. Around the reserve again I went wondering where my friends are. As I walked through the gate, I sprinted all the way to the finish line feeling glad that I made it.

Staring at my feet thinking how gross. I washed my feet with the cold water at the taps outside our classroom. With my backpack on my back and my shoes already tied on, I was finally ready to go home and have a sleep.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Guard The Place Ok"

Watching Mosa and his groups movie“Guard The Place Ok” was fun. It was funny how they added the Barney song. For the characters speech, they put in subtitles instead of them saying it and that was great. I was wondering how this story would be about love and there it was, it was the villains weakness.

They could've made the movie better by putting the song in the beginning. Also when the Barney song was playing, they could've made their actions better. Cutting some of the clips would be awesome too. The movie should’ve ended as well to see if they lived happily ever after or if anything bad happened after that.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Letting Freedom Ring


Walking peacefully towards the Lincoln Memorial, we feel united in our fight for equality. “Hey Mum, Hold up !” I shout as I trip. As I march with the enormous crowd, we all sing a song, “We Will Overcome”.

Now we reach the memorial pond. From the sky the crowd looks like millions of ants waiting for our hero,  Martin Luther King, to share his speech I have a dream. Talking about how n Negroes would like to have freedom and equality he is very passionate. Everyone claps and cheers as he ends his wonderful speech.