Monday, August 6, 2012

The Movie

Guess what I did in the weekends? I went to the movies at Sylvia Park.

In the weekend I went to the movies. When I was making my way to the movies I saw a lot of people as I look down. Going past shops with stuff in it. Me peeking to see what kind of things I want.

When I walked through the automatic doors, I got greeted by the yummy smell of popcorn and people. I went to go see Step up 4 and it was amazing. As soon as I walked into the movie theater the movie starting.

I watched it until the end. When the movie ended I was the first person out. My favorite part was when they danced on the cars. I sure that was everyone's favorite part too.  When it was getting late it was time to go home, have a feed and go to sleep.


  1. Hello Quziyah
    great story and remember to make your words darker and keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Quziyah,
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    You have a awesome writing about your weekend. Keep it up

  4. Hi Quziyah,

    Hey you got a great writing there, but the one thing you need to work on is make your paraghaph short.

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