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Farah Palmer: In the front row:)

WALT: Identify the main ideas within a text.

Referring to the title of the text, what do you think the text is about?
By looking at the title of the text, the thoughts that come to my mind about this story is that it’s about someone’s life because it has their name in the title. I think that it’s about a person who is successful at what they do as a living.

Was uncommon for girls to play rugby as Farah was growing up? Give an example from the text to support your answer. It was uncommon for girls to play rugby as she was growing up because in the text it says that Farah Palmer says “Rugby for girls didn’t exist.”

For what reason would it have been uncommon for girls to play rugby?
Because it wasn’t an option and maybe girls were too scared to play so instead they played girlier games like netball.

What does the word ‘Kendo’ mean? A Japanese form of fencing with two-handed bamboo swords, originally developed as a safe form of sword training for samurai.

Rugby is a type of sport. What other types of other forms of rugby do you know of? Union, League, Tag.

The all blacks are our New Zealand Male rugby team for men, what is the name of the team for the women? Black Ferns.

Do many people today play rugby, is it a common game or unique? How do you know that? In some countries such as New Zealand, rugby is common because rugby is played all around the country and our New Zealand rugby team, The All Blacks, compete in the rugby world cup so this sport is the main sport played in New Zealand. In other countries such as Argentina, rugby is uncommon because their main sport played in their country is football so rugby isn’t very much played there.

What is a ‘try’? A try is when you run with the ball past the try line and touch it down which will make you score a try.

How can a try be scored? You can score a try by running with the rugby ball across the try line and touch the ball down on the ground.

Why do you need a mouthguard when playing rugby? You need a mouthguard when you play rugby because if you get tackled, your teeth might get knocked out so you wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth.

To make a career out of rugby, what would someone need to be good at? You would need to be good at tackling, defending, running fast, passing, eating health, being strong, being fit and you need to have a good attitude.

Why is teamwork, ball skills and communication so important in this sport? Because if you don’t use teamwork or communication, you might lose the game because you have to work together and communicate a lot with your teammates.

Did Farah select the positions she was selected for? No because in the text it says that she didn’t pick those positions.

Why was Farah ‘concerned’ about the feelings of other players? She was worried because maybe she thought that they thought that they won’t like her being captain and they might hate on her.

What do you think this says about her personality? That she stands up for her teammates and she wants to help them to be happy so this means that she is a caring person.

In your own words write the seven tips to improve your rugby skills?
1. Practise throwing the ball to a friend to increase your passing skills. Kick the ball around and soon you’ll get the hang of kicking the oval shaped ball.
2. Practise side-stepping around furniture or trees in your backyard. If you think you’ve done good, carry a ball while your running. At the same time, dodge obstacles like they’re your opponents. Throw in a pass or a kick to a target.
3. Participate in all kinds of sports that includes a ball to develop you hand-eye co-ordination, foot-eye-ball co-ordination, and peripheral vision. You could learn other stuff too.
4. Exercise everyday as it helps you get fit. Eat healthy and eat a bit of junk food a week as it gives you energy when you play sports.
5. Learn how to tackle by asking someone the safety points and basics of this skill.
6. Learn to communicate with your teammates by coming up with plans and solutions on how to win.
7. Try your best and be committed.

Why was playing Germany so funny? Because all of the German girls wore knee pads and elbow pads, and they were really excited to be playing the Black Ferns.

Using a Venn diagram - write the differences and similarities between rugby and a sport of your choice.
Screenshot 2014-08-07 at 10.15.45 AM.png

Find the definitions of the following words and explain them:

Highlight: An outstanding part of an event or period of time.
Inconsistent: Not staying the same throughout.
Novelty: The quality of being new, original, or unusual.
Former: Having previously been a particular thing.
Appreciate: Recognize the full worth of.
Progress: Forward or onward movement towards a destination.
Vision: The faculty or state of being able to see.
Unco - ordinated: Badly organized.
Accurate: Especially of information, measurements, or predictions. Correct in all details; Exact.

An image that displays the rules, formation and gives your audience an understanding of all of the aspects that are involved in soccer.

Screenshot 2014-08-08 at 10.39.07 AM.png

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