Monday, August 25, 2014

Life Ed Story:)

For the last few weeks, we had an amazing experience in the Life Education caravan. The Life Education caravan is where we learn about the decisions we need to make as we grow older. We learn about things like the body and it’s transformations, drugs, alcohol and we also learn about what the body needs. The purpose of the Life Education caravan is for students like me to learn that the choices we make as a young child can affect your future.

Our Life Education Trust teacher, Lynn, politely introduced herself to Class 3 but most of the children already knew her from the past. As we entered the caravan, it smelled the same and looked the same as the last time we went. There were cards with writing and pictures stuck to the wall and there were books sitting in the front of the class.

Our Life Education Trust tutor, Lynn, politely introduced herself to Class 3. She was a blonde headed women who always wore reading glasses. We had to line up from tallest to shortest. She instructed us to take off our shoes and hold the rail while we stroll up the stairs and enter the caravan. When we walked in, the tallest people had to sit at the back and the shortest in the front. I sat around the middle along with some of my classmates.

First Lynn introduced the topic we are learning about. We were going to learn about alcohol and drugs and what they do to your body and brain. She showed us a video clip about people who were on the bad type of drugs. Someone people on the clip began to take drugs around the teenage ages which was way too young. Lynn explained the different types of drugs there are like pills and weed. She then handed us all a laminated card with a picture on it. We had to stick it on the wall under what we think the picture on the card is. I was so happy because I got my facts right about what my image was.

After that we learnt about alcohol. Lynn showed us some examples of what the brain would look like. Some brains had a lot of problems with it and some had a little, depending on how much alcohol you drink. My favorite session with Lynn was the last session because we got to see Harold but only for a short amount of time. During our time with Harold he showed us a song that he made up and all the students in class 3 got to sing along with him.

The Life Education Trust has been very helpful to me and other students because the knowledge you get from the Life Education Trust helps you to make the right decisions in life. It also helps with knowing what your body really needs and how to protect it. It helps you to succeed and be kind to others.

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