Monday, March 26, 2012

My Pirate story

Arr, my name is Captian 100 and were sailing on our huge ship for an adventure. Our ship is called the Good Pirates. Can you guess what were searching for? Arr treasure. We lost six of our strongest pirates when we were in a storm last night. The waves were so strong that we almost crashed into the rocks. Now we only have four of our strongest pirate.

Pirate look out shouts, "ARR WE HAVE COPMANY, THE ANGRY PIRATES ARE HERE". We all get ready for the fight. "FIRE THE BOMBS," I yell. We fire the bombs and they hit the Angry Pirates ship in a big CRASH. The boat almost tipped over. They sail away with a grumpy face. "I'LL GET YOU AND YOUR CREW NEXT TIME" Captain Angry face say's. The End

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ben Carson

On Tuesday year 5 to year 8 went on a trip to the Telstra clear event centre to meet the famous Doctor Ben Carson.

First we traveled on the bus to the Telstra clear event centre. On the way we say lots of people and cars go by. When we were almost there we all saw Rainbow-end. No body was there because I think that it was closed.

We finally arrived to the Telstra clear event centre and there was lots of schools there to meet Doctor Ben Carson. We waited and waited until we were told to go in-side.

When we went in-side the hall, we sat down on the chairs. I was sitting next to Dhara. We counted how many schools there were in the hall. There was about twenty something schools there. After that we started to sing the Duffy song.

A guy kept on talking about a really funny story, but I think that it was just a made up story from his imagination. It was about him in the library when all of a sudden a loud voice appeared. When went towards that loud voice, it was a really pretty girl. That was all I remembered from his made up story.

Once he was snapped out of his imagination, he introduced us to Doctor Ben Carson. He is a really famous person. When he was little he was acting in movies and now he has grown up into a real man.

When Doctor Ben Carson was finished talking about him-self, we lastly sang the Duffy song once again. It was time to go back to school. It was fun to see Doctor Ben Carson. My favourite thing there was traveling there on the bus.