Wednesday, April 9, 2014


One of our activities today was to create a Popplet or word web to increase our range of vocabulary. The word we were given was hate. I found 28 words that are synonyms for hard.

Why is the moon upside down? - Week 10:)

Text - What does the text tell us? Summarise
Ani and Niko have been really good friends since they were in kindergarten and they became good friends by living next to each other. Every now and then, they often camp out in the back yard. While they stare at the moon, they talk to each other about why the moon is upside down and how they're gonna travel the world when they leave school. Niko's mother was offered a job in Japan so then Niko and his mother had to move. Ani waiting so long for an email from Niko then about time she received. Niko said that the moon from Japan looks weird and that he thinks something's wrong with it. He sent Ani a photo of what the moon looked like from where Niko was. Sam told Niko about the Samoan legends of the moon. Ani and Niko wanted to know more about the moon and why it looks different from each others views. They started sending each other photos that were taken by their cameras. Niko and Ani took photos every Friday night for a month. Unfortunately both cameras didn't have a very good zoom picture. Niko thought of an idea. Instead of take a not very good photo, they could draw it.

What do the diagrams tell us?
The diagram tells us the the moon can be seen from different angles and that there isn't two separate moons. Ani discovered that Niko’s new moon was a backwards C shape and her’s was a normal C shape. Niko lives in the northern hemisphere and Ani lives in the southern. So if Niko lives in Japan which is at the , then he could see the moon from the top. If Any lives at the bottom in New Zealand, then she could see the moon from the bottom. That’s why they could see the moon differently.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rosa Louise McCauley Parks - Biography:)

A baby was once born in the year of 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama and was named Rosa Louise McCauley Parks. She was born to parents James McCauley and Leona Edwards. In her early years, her parents eventually separated so then Rosa had to spend the rest of her childhood on her grandparent’s farm. At the age of eleven, Rosa Parks attended a public school but before that, she didn't attend any schools in public. Since she was black, she grew up poor and wanted freedom and equality.

As she grew older, she joined the NAACP. One day as she was walking back from work and was about to catch the bus in Montgomery, she felt really tired and exhausted. Rosa waited for the bus at the bus stop. With a little amount of money, she took the bus home and paid the cost of ten cents. In Montgomery, if the bus filled up then the blacks had to give up their seats for all of the whites. A while after taking her seat, a white man entered the bus. After paying himself in, he looked around and noticed that no seats were available. Rosa Parks was looked at by the white man and the bus driver. Since she wanted freedom and equality, she stood up for the blacks and refused to give up her seat. They warned her but she was still brave enough to refuse.

A policeman gripped onto Rosa's arm and tightly pulled her out of the bus as if she was about to get beaten up. She was arrested for refusing to give up her seat for a white man.  In 1956, it was the end of the Montgomery bus boycott.

Rosa Parks is famous for standing up for the blacks and refusing to give up her seat for a white man. After making that stand up, the whole world changed. All of this happened because of a brave and smart women named Rosa Louise McCauley Parks who died on October 24th 2005 in Detroit.