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King And Country:)

Identify the meaning to the following words in the text

“raging debate”
Discussing two views of points very actively.
A state of confused and noisy disturbance.
“native contingent”,
Subject to chance.
“teach those Germans a lesson”
To beat the German’s.
Taking someone elses property.
“colonial wars”
Relating to or characteristic of a colony or colonies.
“Pioneer Battalion”
A large body of pioneer soldiers getting ready to battle.
Often used to indicate that the speakers doubts the truth of the statement.
A deputy or substitute acting for a superior.
Scattered pieces of rubbish that remain.

Last week we read the text ‘Lest We Forget’
Referring to last weeks text and what we recently learnt about World War 1 in our assembly, state three facts that you know about WWI.
1) When the soldiers came back from war, they were interviewed but they didn’t want to remember the war so they didn’t say anything during the interview. The interviewers thought they had amnesia.
2) For one country to own the other country’s land, they had to fight to win.
3) They fight in the world war and they use guns and bombs.

What role did New Zealand have in WWI?
They helped the British.

Why do we remember WWI in particular? Why did it hit New Zealand so hard? We remember World War 1 because that was the first time we fought to save our land and country. New Zealand hit so hard because they didn’t want any other countries to confiscate our land.

What does the title of this story mean to you in relation to that topic?
It means that we will never forget those who died for us when they fought in the wars.

As you read, think about the ways people respond to community challenges. How do you think Māori responded when asked to fight in the war? The Maori would do a lot of discussing and organizing with each other. Then they would respond respectfully and ragingly.

Think about the date and about New Zealand’s history. How would Maori feel about fighting for the British Empire so soon after being colonized by Britain? They might feel unsure because if they fight with them, they will be fighting with the people who tried to confiscate their land and if they don’t help them in the war, they might lose their land so the bestest option is to fight.

Why did young men especially like Rongo and Tipu want to join up? To protect and represent their country. They must have desperately wanted their country to not be taken over because they wanted to sign up.

Why did their parents have different views about whether they should? Because their parents wanted their children to be safe but they also wanted them to fight in war so the parents had two different views of points that they needed to discuss.

What have you inferred about the setting? What information in the text
and connections of your own helped you? Tipu’s mum didn’t want him to go to war because he was too young and she didn’t want him to get hurt or die.

What are the men arguing about?
The men are arguing about if they should or shouldn't go to war. Both countries, New Zealand and Britain, have two different views of points so they are actively debating.

Think about the reasons people did and did not participate in the war then and evaluate the responses of Maori at the time. Some people didn’t fight in the war because they were too scared and some people did because they wanted to protect their land.

Why does Tipu feels torn. Is it just a choice between staying with his mother or having an adventure or the the choice much more important than this? Tipu feels torn because he knows that he should be loyal to his mother’s iwi, that he should stay with her.

Has the news from Gallipoli made his choice more complex? Why/why not.
No because Big George just died and maybe he doesn't wanna die now.

Do you think he should stay with his mother?
I think that Tipu shouldn't stay with his mum because they need as many soldiers as they can to fight in the war.

If so why should he stay with his mother? What is his duty to her?
He should stay with his mother to that he won’t get hurt, injured or killed by the shotguns and bombs. Her duty is to protect and look after her children and family.

Why does the death of Big George make him want to be with his brother even more? Because Big George just died and he wants to stay with him and spend time with him even more.

If you are familiar with waka, what does the image of paddling home together in a waka mean to you? Why is this an effective metaphor?
It means surviving from whatever the returning people in the waka did.

What does it tell you about the brothers and their values?
The brothers are good mates and they've got each others backs.

Are they on their way home? Why does the writer suggest this?
Tipu only imagines that they’re in the waka but it doesn't say if they were on their way home or not.

From the text create an image using Pixlr, Sumo Paint to display an image of WWI. This can be on the battlefields or anywhere of your choice.

Screenshot 2014-08-21 at 2.56.54 PM.png

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