Monday, August 25, 2014

Thinking Hats Current Event:)


Life Ed Story:)

For the last few weeks, we had an amazing experience in the Life Education caravan. The Life Education caravan is where we learn about the decisions we need to make as we grow older. We learn about things like the body and it’s transformations, drugs, alcohol and we also learn about what the body needs. The purpose of the Life Education caravan is for students like me to learn that the choices we make as a young child can affect your future.

Our Life Education Trust teacher, Lynn, politely introduced herself to Class 3 but most of the children already knew her from the past. As we entered the caravan, it smelled the same and looked the same as the last time we went. There were cards with writing and pictures stuck to the wall and there were books sitting in the front of the class.

Our Life Education Trust tutor, Lynn, politely introduced herself to Class 3. She was a blonde headed women who always wore reading glasses. We had to line up from tallest to shortest. She instructed us to take off our shoes and hold the rail while we stroll up the stairs and enter the caravan. When we walked in, the tallest people had to sit at the back and the shortest in the front. I sat around the middle along with some of my classmates.

First Lynn introduced the topic we are learning about. We were going to learn about alcohol and drugs and what they do to your body and brain. She showed us a video clip about people who were on the bad type of drugs. Someone people on the clip began to take drugs around the teenage ages which was way too young. Lynn explained the different types of drugs there are like pills and weed. She then handed us all a laminated card with a picture on it. We had to stick it on the wall under what we think the picture on the card is. I was so happy because I got my facts right about what my image was.

After that we learnt about alcohol. Lynn showed us some examples of what the brain would look like. Some brains had a lot of problems with it and some had a little, depending on how much alcohol you drink. My favorite session with Lynn was the last session because we got to see Harold but only for a short amount of time. During our time with Harold he showed us a song that he made up and all the students in class 3 got to sing along with him.

The Life Education Trust has been very helpful to me and other students because the knowledge you get from the Life Education Trust helps you to make the right decisions in life. It also helps with knowing what your body really needs and how to protect it. It helps you to succeed and be kind to others.


One of our activities this week was to create a Popplet or word web to increase our range of vocabulary. The word we were given was want. I found 33 words that are synonyms for want.

Friday, August 22, 2014

King And Country:)

Identify the meaning to the following words in the text

“raging debate”
Discussing two views of points very actively.
A state of confused and noisy disturbance.
“native contingent”,
Subject to chance.
“teach those Germans a lesson”
To beat the German’s.
Taking someone elses property.
“colonial wars”
Relating to or characteristic of a colony or colonies.
“Pioneer Battalion”
A large body of pioneer soldiers getting ready to battle.
Often used to indicate that the speakers doubts the truth of the statement.
A deputy or substitute acting for a superior.
Scattered pieces of rubbish that remain.

Last week we read the text ‘Lest We Forget’
Referring to last weeks text and what we recently learnt about World War 1 in our assembly, state three facts that you know about WWI.
1) When the soldiers came back from war, they were interviewed but they didn’t want to remember the war so they didn’t say anything during the interview. The interviewers thought they had amnesia.
2) For one country to own the other country’s land, they had to fight to win.
3) They fight in the world war and they use guns and bombs.

What role did New Zealand have in WWI?
They helped the British.

Why do we remember WWI in particular? Why did it hit New Zealand so hard? We remember World War 1 because that was the first time we fought to save our land and country. New Zealand hit so hard because they didn’t want any other countries to confiscate our land.

What does the title of this story mean to you in relation to that topic?
It means that we will never forget those who died for us when they fought in the wars.

As you read, think about the ways people respond to community challenges. How do you think Māori responded when asked to fight in the war? The Maori would do a lot of discussing and organizing with each other. Then they would respond respectfully and ragingly.

Think about the date and about New Zealand’s history. How would Maori feel about fighting for the British Empire so soon after being colonized by Britain? They might feel unsure because if they fight with them, they will be fighting with the people who tried to confiscate their land and if they don’t help them in the war, they might lose their land so the bestest option is to fight.

Why did young men especially like Rongo and Tipu want to join up? To protect and represent their country. They must have desperately wanted their country to not be taken over because they wanted to sign up.

Why did their parents have different views about whether they should? Because their parents wanted their children to be safe but they also wanted them to fight in war so the parents had two different views of points that they needed to discuss.

What have you inferred about the setting? What information in the text
and connections of your own helped you? Tipu’s mum didn’t want him to go to war because he was too young and she didn’t want him to get hurt or die.

What are the men arguing about?
The men are arguing about if they should or shouldn't go to war. Both countries, New Zealand and Britain, have two different views of points so they are actively debating.

Think about the reasons people did and did not participate in the war then and evaluate the responses of Maori at the time. Some people didn’t fight in the war because they were too scared and some people did because they wanted to protect their land.

Why does Tipu feels torn. Is it just a choice between staying with his mother or having an adventure or the the choice much more important than this? Tipu feels torn because he knows that he should be loyal to his mother’s iwi, that he should stay with her.

Has the news from Gallipoli made his choice more complex? Why/why not.
No because Big George just died and maybe he doesn't wanna die now.

Do you think he should stay with his mother?
I think that Tipu shouldn't stay with his mum because they need as many soldiers as they can to fight in the war.

If so why should he stay with his mother? What is his duty to her?
He should stay with his mother to that he won’t get hurt, injured or killed by the shotguns and bombs. Her duty is to protect and look after her children and family.

Why does the death of Big George make him want to be with his brother even more? Because Big George just died and he wants to stay with him and spend time with him even more.

If you are familiar with waka, what does the image of paddling home together in a waka mean to you? Why is this an effective metaphor?
It means surviving from whatever the returning people in the waka did.

What does it tell you about the brothers and their values?
The brothers are good mates and they've got each others backs.

Are they on their way home? Why does the writer suggest this?
Tipu only imagines that they’re in the waka but it doesn't say if they were on their way home or not.

From the text create an image using Pixlr, Sumo Paint to display an image of WWI. This can be on the battlefields or anywhere of your choice.

Screenshot 2014-08-21 at 2.56.54 PM.png

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Netball is a team sport that was invented by James Naismith in 1981. This sport had been adapted from the rules of basketball and is originated in The United States. The game quickly spread across the British Empire after the first rules were published in 1901, becoming popular and spreading through schools. Soon the sport was played outdoors and started to be referred as netball.

The court is divided into three parts. Each position has a certain area that they can run in. The Center, Wing Attack, Wing Defence, Goal Attack and Goal defence are aloud to step in the center third which is the middle section of the court. The positions that can stand in the goal thirds are the Center, Wing Attack, Wing Defence, Goal Attack, Goal Defence, Goal Shoot and Goal Keep. Goal Shoot and Goal Keep are the only positions that can run around in the shooting section of the court.

The main pass that is used in netball is chest past which is a pass from your chest to another. An overhead pass is when you throw the ball over your head with strength so the ball can be thrown a longer distance. A bounce pass is when you bounce the ball close to your teammates feet and into his/hers stomach. The throes need to be powerful so when the opponents defend, it’ll be too powerful to catch.

As you’re holding the ball, you cannot step with it so if you’re running too fast and your teammate passes the ball to you and you step, the ref will blow the whistle and it’ll be a hand over. To defend you put your hands up and when your partner throws the ball, you try and hit it or catch it. Contact is when you touch the ball or knock it out of somebody’s hands when they’re already holding the ball. It’s also when you bump somebody off during the match. Obstruction is when you don’t keep your distance when you defend the ball. When the ref sees you doing obstruction, they will call the whistle.

Shooting is very important in netball because that’s how you score and win the game. Goal Attack and Goal Shoot are the shootings in the team. Goal Keep and Goal Defence are their opponents. When you shoot, you need to have good shooting technique. You have to shoot the ball into a round hoop but if you miss, you have to get the rebounds and try again. Once you complete shooting the ball into the rung, you have scored a goal for your team.

There are many tricks you can use in netball. One of my favourites is when one of your teammates opponent is running really fast and then you fake a pass and your teammate goes back and you pass the ball. There is another trick where you look at someone but then pass it to someone else, making the opponents defend the person who you’re looking at.

In netball you need to be supportive and not negative. When you finish a game, you need to high five your opponents and be congratulate them whether they have lost or won. The main things you need in netball is good vision and good skills.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Life Education Trust:)

This term, Lynn and Harold from the Life Education caravan showed up at Pt England School. Every class in the school visits the caravan once a week. I have learnt all about drugs and alcohol. I have mostly enjoyed seeing Harold because he is very funny and entertaining.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Farah Palmer: In the front row:)

WALT: Identify the main ideas within a text.

Referring to the title of the text, what do you think the text is about?
By looking at the title of the text, the thoughts that come to my mind about this story is that it’s about someone’s life because it has their name in the title. I think that it’s about a person who is successful at what they do as a living.

Was uncommon for girls to play rugby as Farah was growing up? Give an example from the text to support your answer. It was uncommon for girls to play rugby as she was growing up because in the text it says that Farah Palmer says “Rugby for girls didn’t exist.”

For what reason would it have been uncommon for girls to play rugby?
Because it wasn’t an option and maybe girls were too scared to play so instead they played girlier games like netball.

What does the word ‘Kendo’ mean? A Japanese form of fencing with two-handed bamboo swords, originally developed as a safe form of sword training for samurai.

Rugby is a type of sport. What other types of other forms of rugby do you know of? Union, League, Tag.

The all blacks are our New Zealand Male rugby team for men, what is the name of the team for the women? Black Ferns.

Do many people today play rugby, is it a common game or unique? How do you know that? In some countries such as New Zealand, rugby is common because rugby is played all around the country and our New Zealand rugby team, The All Blacks, compete in the rugby world cup so this sport is the main sport played in New Zealand. In other countries such as Argentina, rugby is uncommon because their main sport played in their country is football so rugby isn’t very much played there.

What is a ‘try’? A try is when you run with the ball past the try line and touch it down which will make you score a try.

How can a try be scored? You can score a try by running with the rugby ball across the try line and touch the ball down on the ground.

Why do you need a mouthguard when playing rugby? You need a mouthguard when you play rugby because if you get tackled, your teeth might get knocked out so you wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth.

To make a career out of rugby, what would someone need to be good at? You would need to be good at tackling, defending, running fast, passing, eating health, being strong, being fit and you need to have a good attitude.

Why is teamwork, ball skills and communication so important in this sport? Because if you don’t use teamwork or communication, you might lose the game because you have to work together and communicate a lot with your teammates.

Did Farah select the positions she was selected for? No because in the text it says that she didn’t pick those positions.

Why was Farah ‘concerned’ about the feelings of other players? She was worried because maybe she thought that they thought that they won’t like her being captain and they might hate on her.

What do you think this says about her personality? That she stands up for her teammates and she wants to help them to be happy so this means that she is a caring person.

In your own words write the seven tips to improve your rugby skills?
1. Practise throwing the ball to a friend to increase your passing skills. Kick the ball around and soon you’ll get the hang of kicking the oval shaped ball.
2. Practise side-stepping around furniture or trees in your backyard. If you think you’ve done good, carry a ball while your running. At the same time, dodge obstacles like they’re your opponents. Throw in a pass or a kick to a target.
3. Participate in all kinds of sports that includes a ball to develop you hand-eye co-ordination, foot-eye-ball co-ordination, and peripheral vision. You could learn other stuff too.
4. Exercise everyday as it helps you get fit. Eat healthy and eat a bit of junk food a week as it gives you energy when you play sports.
5. Learn how to tackle by asking someone the safety points and basics of this skill.
6. Learn to communicate with your teammates by coming up with plans and solutions on how to win.
7. Try your best and be committed.

Why was playing Germany so funny? Because all of the German girls wore knee pads and elbow pads, and they were really excited to be playing the Black Ferns.

Using a Venn diagram - write the differences and similarities between rugby and a sport of your choice.
Screenshot 2014-08-07 at 10.15.45 AM.png

Find the definitions of the following words and explain them:

Highlight: An outstanding part of an event or period of time.
Inconsistent: Not staying the same throughout.
Novelty: The quality of being new, original, or unusual.
Former: Having previously been a particular thing.
Appreciate: Recognize the full worth of.
Progress: Forward or onward movement towards a destination.
Vision: The faculty or state of being able to see.
Unco - ordinated: Badly organized.
Accurate: Especially of information, measurements, or predictions. Correct in all details; Exact.

An image that displays the rules, formation and gives your audience an understanding of all of the aspects that are involved in soccer.

Screenshot 2014-08-08 at 10.39.07 AM.png

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Variables, Equations & Ezpressions:)

Quziyah & Paige - Variables, Equations & Expressions Problems:)

Quziyah - Paige:
1) x + 12 = -20
x = -32
2) x + 16 = -32
x = -48
3) x + 9 = -45
x = -54
4) x + 32 = -67
x = -99
5) x + 35 = -39
x = -74
6) x + 23 = -20
x = -43
7) x + 45 = -55
x = -100
8) x + 10 = -11
x = -21
9) x + 18 = -18
x = -36
10) x + 3 = -12
x = -15

Paige - Quziyah:
1) x + 33 = -67
x = -100
2) x + 7 = -24
x = -31
3) x + 15 = -33
x = -48
4) x + 54 = -48
x = -102
5) x + 23 = -45
x = -68
6) x + 38 = -62
x = -100
7) x + 27 = -12
x = -39
8) x + 14 = -35
x = -49
9) x + 50 = -79
x = -129
10) x + 4 = -24

x = -28

Monday, August 4, 2014

It helps to have a hero:)

What was Room 16’s teacher talking about with her class? What do you think some of the ideas were that are around? Their teacher talked about their goals and ambitions. She also told them about Paul Whatuira who is a sports person who knows all about working hard and achieving his goals.

Why did the class decide to write to Paul Whatuira, who is he? Find evidence from the text and do some of your own research. The children decided to write a letter to Paul because Mrs Kneepkens use to be his teacher. Paul now plays for the NRL team, Parramatta Eels.

Why do you think the students of room 16 were speechless when they saw Paul?
Because they were all surprised when they saw Paul. Aimee’s heart pounded and Liufau’s mouth dropped. When Paul stood in the classroom, some of the kids were so excited, they cried.

How would you have felt if you had seen a rugby player, who had specifically come to your school to see your class? I would feel shocked and excited to see my favorite rugby player but I wouldn’t cry.

What are some of the items that Paul had sent class 16? Why were these items so special? He sent the class a Warriors jersey signed by all his teammates, and he gave everyone a poster. He even autographed hats and T-shirts, and one person brought along their Warrior duvet cover to be signed.

How is Paul a hero? He’s got the some attitude now as he had at school. He is really competitive but also very kind.

Define what a hero is to you, do you have one? A hero to me is someone who looks after me and respects me. My hero is my family, including my friends because they’re all kind to me.

Who are some heroes today? you need to do some of your own research and justify why these selected people are heroes. Some heros today are Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks because they all fought for equality and they gave the blacks the freedom everyone wanted.

Why is the title of the text so important? Because having a hero makes you feel very protective and loved.

Do you agree with the title of the text? Why/why not? I do because it really fits with the story and it’s an awesome title.


Do you think it would be difficult to become a professional rugby player, for reason would it be/would it not be? I think that it would because you would have to eat healthy and eat less junk food which is really hard and you need to become really fit and a hard worker.

What do you think it takes to become a professional rugby player? Having a nice attitude and being a really fit person.

This term we are studying the Commonwealth games, do they play rugby league at the games? No.

Are any other variations of rugby played the games? Rugby Sevens.

What do you think an athlete's daily life consists of, you need to do your own research. Athletes need as many as 70 percent calories to keep them well-built and healthy.

What do you think makes an athlete? Being a fit, sporty person and being the best you can by trying and being successful in everything you do.

In life when times get hard it is often easy to give up, everyone has bad days including the top athletes e.g. when they miss a try. How do you think they stay positive? By thinking positive and knowing that at least you tried and that you’re still learning new things.

Find five facts about Paul Whatuira:
1) He plays with the Parramatta Eels.
2) He’s an athlete.
3) He’s a professional rugby league. footballer.
4) He’s the height of 1.83 m.
5) His birth date is July 31st 1981
Write a letter to an athlete of your choice just as the students of class 16 did to Paul Whatuira.
Your letter needs to try persuade the selected athlete to come to Pt England School.

My Letter:

Dear Valerie Adams, I think of you as my hero because you represent our country well and you are one of the greatest athletes in the world. Your shot put skills are incredible and unbelievable. You are my favorite athlete and you’re so awesome. It would be a dream come true if you actually travelled to Pt England School and unexpectedly surprise the class by showing up. From Quziyah:) xx.