Thursday, December 13, 2012

Camp Bentzon!!

Lollies Everywhere!!

There are all sorts of lollies. Candy canes, chocolate bars, lollipops and more. Lollies can be brown. Lollies can be Yellow. Any other colour it doesn’t matter.

Once you have eaten one you will taste joy and happiness or maybe just yumminess. Whenever I eat one it will always makes me happy. Sometimes they can be sweet or sour but I mostly like them sweet. I love to eat lollies all day.

My favourite type of lollies is chocolate bars because chocolate is my favourite flavour. Chocolate bars, chocolate drinks, chocolate everything. I think about it almost everyday. I will always love chocolate no matter what.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

It has been an awesome year. The name of our netbook is Asus. Using a netbook for the second year and have become a professional at using it. I mean nine schools in Glen Innes are using netbooks and have become professionals already. Isn’t that incredible? I think so!

I think that it’s better than using pencil and paper because typing replaces the writing and the screen replaces books. It helps you learn better because you can explore different sites and learn a lot from it. It can help you solve problems like your spelling and all kinds of other things. The netbook also helps you become more cybersmart just like it did to me. Another thing you could do with your netbook is that you can be really creative in the way that you share your learning.

I would really like to change the looks of the netbook, like the size of it and the colour. Making the internet fast will be really helpful because I could maybe finish my work much more faster. Making the laptop turn on faster will be awesome because maybe you might be in a hurry to do something like finish work or even play games! It needs more protection because it is really easy to damage. It would be really cool if it was a touch screen but it’s kinda not because then your screen will be dirty just like that.

I would like to give a big thank you to Mr and Mrs Burt, Neaven and Mrs Telea for having netbooks in this school and for taking care of my netbook during the holidays. I really appreciate you all for fixing the damages as well.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Dogs can be any colour. They can run jump and play. You could even have dogs as a pet. I have two  pet dogs. Nigger Girl and Bruno.

Bruno is a brown dog. He likes to run jump and play with my brothers, sisters and I. He likes to rip up stuff. Bruno loves to be taken out for a walk so he could only run around without his leash on. It’s kind of annoying when he’s not on his collar because he always runs out to the front and jumps over the fence. After we realise he’s gone he’s just down the road. My brothers, sisters and I have to always chase after him then get him inside.

Nigger girl is black and white. She loves to play with tennis balls. Whenever you through a tennis ball near her she would chase after it and grab it with her mouth. Nigger girl likes to sit on couches and she loves to sniff. If you're outside then she won’t play with any balls because she will mostly be sniffing things. She also likes people rubbing her belly. When she's in a car she likes to stick her head out the window.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Funniest Moment At Camp!! :D

While we were at camp I had my most funniest moment there.

My team Katz B and I were kayaking to stingray bay. On the way we had no accidents. We went under bridges and over a lot of seaweed. Some people struggled and some people were just fine.

We were playing a game. The aim of the game is for two people to get to each others kayak and who ever wins, well they just win. Who ever losers well the same thing they just lose.

The first people to go was Levi and Anamei. The person who won that was Anamei. Next up was Frankie and Doris. During there race Doris won only because Frankie fell into the water. Now that was my most funniest moment!