Monday, August 4, 2014

It helps to have a hero:)

What was Room 16’s teacher talking about with her class? What do you think some of the ideas were that are around? Their teacher talked about their goals and ambitions. She also told them about Paul Whatuira who is a sports person who knows all about working hard and achieving his goals.

Why did the class decide to write to Paul Whatuira, who is he? Find evidence from the text and do some of your own research. The children decided to write a letter to Paul because Mrs Kneepkens use to be his teacher. Paul now plays for the NRL team, Parramatta Eels.

Why do you think the students of room 16 were speechless when they saw Paul?
Because they were all surprised when they saw Paul. Aimee’s heart pounded and Liufau’s mouth dropped. When Paul stood in the classroom, some of the kids were so excited, they cried.

How would you have felt if you had seen a rugby player, who had specifically come to your school to see your class? I would feel shocked and excited to see my favorite rugby player but I wouldn’t cry.

What are some of the items that Paul had sent class 16? Why were these items so special? He sent the class a Warriors jersey signed by all his teammates, and he gave everyone a poster. He even autographed hats and T-shirts, and one person brought along their Warrior duvet cover to be signed.

How is Paul a hero? He’s got the some attitude now as he had at school. He is really competitive but also very kind.

Define what a hero is to you, do you have one? A hero to me is someone who looks after me and respects me. My hero is my family, including my friends because they’re all kind to me.

Who are some heroes today? you need to do some of your own research and justify why these selected people are heroes. Some heros today are Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks because they all fought for equality and they gave the blacks the freedom everyone wanted.

Why is the title of the text so important? Because having a hero makes you feel very protective and loved.

Do you agree with the title of the text? Why/why not? I do because it really fits with the story and it’s an awesome title.


Do you think it would be difficult to become a professional rugby player, for reason would it be/would it not be? I think that it would because you would have to eat healthy and eat less junk food which is really hard and you need to become really fit and a hard worker.

What do you think it takes to become a professional rugby player? Having a nice attitude and being a really fit person.

This term we are studying the Commonwealth games, do they play rugby league at the games? No.

Are any other variations of rugby played the games? Rugby Sevens.

What do you think an athlete's daily life consists of, you need to do your own research. Athletes need as many as 70 percent calories to keep them well-built and healthy.

What do you think makes an athlete? Being a fit, sporty person and being the best you can by trying and being successful in everything you do.

In life when times get hard it is often easy to give up, everyone has bad days including the top athletes e.g. when they miss a try. How do you think they stay positive? By thinking positive and knowing that at least you tried and that you’re still learning new things.

Find five facts about Paul Whatuira:
1) He plays with the Parramatta Eels.
2) He’s an athlete.
3) He’s a professional rugby league. footballer.
4) He’s the height of 1.83 m.
5) His birth date is July 31st 1981
Write a letter to an athlete of your choice just as the students of class 16 did to Paul Whatuira.
Your letter needs to try persuade the selected athlete to come to Pt England School.

My Letter:

Dear Valerie Adams, I think of you as my hero because you represent our country well and you are one of the greatest athletes in the world. Your shot put skills are incredible and unbelievable. You are my favorite athlete and you’re so awesome. It would be a dream come true if you actually travelled to Pt England School and unexpectedly surprise the class by showing up. From Quziyah:) xx.

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