Thursday, November 17, 2011

My favorite films

My first favorite movie was the Billy T movie by Pt England school room fifteen. The thing that I liked about it was the bit when Brodie was the weather lady. It came was funny when the wig fell off his head and the fell off the wall. As Justin Beiberon it didn’t even look like him. As The lazy song came on I started to laugh.

My second favorite movie was the Zombie attack by Tamaki Collage. The faces looked real with the blood on it. My favorite part was the bit when the teacher was eating his hand. It was scary when the dead was rising. I found out that they were dancing in G.I.

My Third favorite movie was Count on me by Pt England school room 20. I like the song and the bit when the three girls came down the slide and the song said one, two, three. It matched the song. It was so talented that everyone in my class started two sing. Even though some of they didn’t know the song.