Thursday, July 19, 2012

Me as an Olympic star!!

Is your dream to become an Olympic star? Well, this is me as a boxer. As you could see I have changed the colours of my clothes and  my hair. I have added some purple and blur gloves. The background that I have drawled isn't my best but it's good enough. Hope You Like It!!


  1. Hey Quziyah,

    What a lovely picture of you as a boxer!! I hope next time when I visit your blog I can see that you have another lovely picture.
    Keep It Up!!!

    Love Asena...

  2. Hi Quziyah,
    You had a wonderful picture of you as a boxer.Keep up the great work.
    From Saadiya

  3. Hi Quziyah,
    I love your master piece! The background is awesome and I loved the way you changed the colour of your outfit and your hair!! keep up the awesome work!
    From Mya

  4. Hi Quziyah I really like your your boxing photo and I love your coat it is amazing. Nice Job Quziyah Keep up with your writing

    By Raeleen


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