Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Celebration!

Many people celebrate Easter by eating chocolate Easter eggs. Well instead of thinking about eating all day, have you ever thought about why we celebrate Easter? I have just read a site which tells me a lot about Easter.

Finding out that the egg symbolizes rebirth and new life is pretty awesome. Easter has been celebrated all over the country for many years. Different countries have their own ways of celebrating like the Romans celebrate the Easter season by playing games and giving chocolate eggs as prizes. Originally Easter eggs were painted with bright colours to represent Spring.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

100 Words!

Roaming around in Girlsland with my cute, young sister Megan I was hoping to find her favourite ride - The Girly Girl Cars. Searching and finding, she was about to cry. “YAAAY!” she yelled. You know what that means, she had found it. Running to her favourite car Pinky, she was so excited because pink is her favourite colour. “Buckle your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!” a weird voice said. Up, down, side to side. Having fun for a couple of minutes., the car suddenly stopped. “What happened?” I said. No one replied as everyone on the ride was frightened.

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Black Hole!!!

Have you ever wanted anything you couldn't afford? Around midnight as Benson Wenson was finishing off his job he accidently printed out a paper which had a big black 
dot on it. The bank was his one and only job. With luck on his side he could afford anything with the help of a magic black portal. 1 am the clock struck and he finally discovered that anything could go threw the hole and will make that object go onto the other side. Stealing the bosses savings he thought in his head. Sadly Benson also thought about being in serious trouble by his boss. Special amount of cash he stole but unfortunately he got caught by his boss just like he thought. In his head he said "What a pity.” Never discover something that will make you a criminal.

My Mysterious Narrative!

If you discovered a mysterious black portal in the middle of the forest would you create an adventure or would you freak out and run? Well let me tell you a similar story.

One day there was a little boy called Jack. He was seven years of age and loved to explore. Jack’s mother Rosie loves to cook and his dad Mike loves to hunt down animals for their dinner. Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention was that they all lived in the woods so that kind of explains the hunting down animal thing. 

Anyway, as Jack’s parents were busy, the little boy went out to explore the woods. As he was using his magnifying glass, POOF! He fell into a portal and disappeared into space. He freaked out and yelled “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” He closed his eyes and wish to go back home. POOF! Instead of going back home he went back out of the portal to where the black hole was. 

Now he finally discovered something extremely big. There is two things he learnt. Number 1, remember to watch where you’re going. Number 2, only if you go through the portal and if you end up in space you can actually make any wish you want. 

So it is now like two ye ars later and Jack is now nine years old. Jack went back into the portal and wanted to wish a lot of things. There was a sign that said “Greetings, you maybe wondering what this place is called. Well, its called the secretes of space. Please feel free to make three wishes but, remember that you will only get three wishes in your whole entire life.” 

Jack already made one wish so now he could make two other wishes. He said “I wish my family and I lived in a big house with a pool in the back yard and I wish that we were the richest people in the world. His wishes came true. Jack was so happy. 

The kid was now in serious trouble. He just realised that he couldn't get back home now that he used up all three wishes. He yelled as loud as he could and waited for help. Rosie and Mike didn’t know where their son was so they didn’t really mind because his parents knew that he would come back but, would he this time? 

Jack got stuck in the portal for the rest of his life. Well thats what he thought. His stomach rumbled. Hungry and so thirsty. “I should've never come to the secrets of space” he whispered. The secretes of space heard him and felt sorry for him. Space flashed him out and he ran back home. Jack was now rich. YAY!