Monday, October 29, 2012

The Day My Toy Came Alive!!

This is the story my toy came alive. It started off in kindergarten the day I was turning five. We were playing a game called make your very first wish. I won a toy bear and I called it Honey Girl. The game was called make your very first wish because after you win something you make your very first wish and then someday it will come true. I didn’t believe that wishes can come true so I made a wish anyway. I said in my mind “I wish my toy came alive.” It was home time. All of the Children's parents came in to pick up their kids. As I walked home with my mum, I wondered to myself huh that was a dumb game to play but at least I won something. As the sun started to go down, I went to sleep. As the sun started I felt something moving next to me. Then BAAAAAM!! That's the day my toy came alive. I screamed “AHHHHHHHHHH” but the bear said “its all right I won’t hurt you.” That's when I believed in wishes. My bear and I told each other information about ourselves. We played and played until we got tired. I kept her forever until the day ends because here's something I forgot to mention, the wish only last for a day so we had all the fun we could have until the day ended. She turned back into an ordinary bear and even though she wasn’t alive I still kept her. !!!THE END!!!

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  1. Hi Quziyah
    what a brilliant work you have wrote. I really love your beautiful writing and what if toys come alive.


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