Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Fun Weekend

Guess what I did in the weekend? Well in the weekend it was a hot day. My dad and my brother Jaedyn came over. They biked from Otahuhu to Glen Iness.

Once they came over, we went to my uncle’s house but he wasn’t home so we went back home. My dad and I went to the beach for a ride around the tracks. This lady had three dogs and they all went into the bushes so we helped her to get her dogs back up.

As we were going back home we saw my uncle riding on his bike. We saw a pile of stuff that was for free. We grabbed some stuff and took them back home.

My dad and brother had to leave. It was fun having them over for the day. My favourite part was when my dad and I went to the beach on the bikes.


  1. Wow!! Was going to the beach on your bikes fun? I really like your interesting writing. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Hi Quziyah,

    WOW!!! What a great weekend story. I really liked the way you used very interesting words, you also hooked me in. Maybe next time when you post a new blog post, try to orientate your audience.

  3. Hi Quziyaha,
    I like your weekend story and how you helped a woman get her dogs out of the bushes.But I think you could check your capital letters in you first sentence.

    1. Hi Quziyah, I loved your story. It sounds like you had fun with your family. I thought the dogs were funny.

      from Efilona


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