Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Guess what spectacular morning we all had?

We are starting a new topic and a new term. Our special topic name is Outta this World. It's about the dark sparkling space.

As I walked through the hall doors I thought that all of the teachers looked cool in there funky costumes. When I sat down Mr Jacobson showed the school pictures of the planets. They were Earth, Sun, Pluto, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Neptune.

All of the teachers had to do a performance or a video. Team 1 had a question about the sun. They painted the sun on a big paper and made a happy yellow faced sun.

Team 2 did an amazing rapping robot dance. They had a black cardboard box on there head with a light on it. The actors were all girls.
Team 3 was Mrs Barks talking all about gravity. When gravity is around then it will push you onto earth. If there was no gravity then you will be floating in the air.

I am so looking forward to know this question. How can we see the moon, sun and stars from earth because they are in space and we can’t see the other planets?


  1. hello Quziyah I read and looked in to your blog and I saw in the a star it was a pretty star and when I read your story I really liked it because of the star and your writing was intresting to read and your writing was nice and neat tidy.

  2. Hello Quziyah! You have written a wonderful description of what happened at the immersion assembly - it's great that you described what happened, when it happened, who was involved and why you enjoyed it. It is also really great to see your question at the bottom - asking good questions is a great skill! Well done.

  3. Hello Quiziyah
    I just read your blog post and it was very interesting. I liked all of those films as well as you but just not the last one I liked the little kid's one that I can't remember the class and the name. Just maybe next time you could change the text to black instead of pink because it makes it harder to read.
    From Ashlee


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