Monday, March 3, 2014


WALT: Comprehend concepts related to mental health and emotional promotion.

What is empathy?Why is it important to show empathy toward others? 
Empathy is important so you can show others about your feeling’s and to also recognize other people’s feelings. 

What does it mean to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes?” 
Put yourself in their shoes means caring for other people and helping them if they need a hand.  

What does that have to do with empathy?
That includes because empathy is showing the way of life and helping everyone.

What can you do to show empathy toward another person?
Help them and conclude them as your family or share and love them and to also care about them.

Make a Popplet or Google drawing a displaying ways that you can reach out to others.

Think of a time when you hurt someone’s feelings. Describe what happened.
I have hurt my friends feelings when she showed me a picture of her dog and then I teased it.

Do you think it would be a big change or a small change?

Why do you think so?
So we do not have any more  detention in class-time.

How did you know you hurt the person’s feelings?
Because she was telling the teacher and also bursting in tears. 

How did you feel about the situation?
Pretty sad and horrible and I will fell awful. 

What did you do to make the situation better?
By replying and saying sorry and I also said "I am sorry and I hope you will forgive me in what I have done wrong" and she replied "Yes I be leave you and you will always be my Best Friend. 

Discuss how you think your school would change if all of the  students showed Empathy to each other?
Our principle and teachers will be impressed in us and they will tell the Pt-Englanders that we have improved the rest of the adults.

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