Friday, December 13, 2013

One Awesome Day @ Action World:))

While the year 8 Pt Englanders were away, the rest of the intermediate were gonna have an awesome day at Action world. We were going to Action World because the year 8 were going on camp and it wouldn't be fair on the year 7. It was really exciting to hear that we were going there for a trip, but the dumb part of the teachers speech was that we had to pay $20. That was a bummer.

As I opened the curtains on Friday morning, the sun shone through lighting up my whole room. I changed into my mufti, brushed my hair, packed my lunch, brushed my teeth and tidied up my room. The alarm went of and that means green light which also means its time to go.

I excitedly arrived at school thinking about nothing but Action World. As I play hand games with my friends, everyone patiently waits for the bus. When the vehicle finally arrived, it parked up on the side of the road. The students, parents and teachers find a seat to sit in. During the ride I notice the location we were in. It was West Auckland. On the way I obviously saw people, houses, trees, land and the window I looked out.

I rushed to get out of the bus and walked to the entrance of Action World. When I saw all the obstacles, it wasn’t what I was expecting. I expected more activities and a inside Action World. Once you play on it, it’s actually really fun.

A kind man named Jerry welcomed us to this place. He told us all the rules and the most important one was to always land on your back or bottom when you fall. My groups first obstacle course was the Jumping Slide. The jumpers had to jump or flip and safely land into a bouncy castle thingy. The sliders put themselves into a sack and slide down a steep slide. They also land into a bouncy castle thingy.

HONK!! Jerry blew the whistle meaning we had to move onto the next obstacle. Free Climb is a inflatable rock climbing wall. You just, climb it like a normal rock climbing wall. The instructor for the free climb said “So you’re gonna climb and make your way up onto the two blue rocks.” “Then you’re gonna let go and land like a starfish.” As she was talking, she also demonstrated it for us. After my turn was over, I thought that it was pretty easy.

HONK!! As Jerry blew the whistle again, my group rushed to the next obstacle to get a place in line. “Who’s brave?” The lady asked. People replied “I am.” So the brave people moved to the front and got to have the first goes. Oh and this course was called Jungle Swings. So once you've made your way up the ladder, you stand with our feet apart and stick your bottom out. You put both your hands on the U shaped swing. Then you swing to the next one and the next one and the next one and then you jump over the batman cat.

So I stuck my bottom out and held onto the swing. I swung and dropped, just for a practise. On my next try, I swung feeling the cold air blowing past my face. I grabbed the next swing, then the third swing and the forth. I let go and dropped onto the bouncy castle thingy. I thought that the Jungle Swing was cool.

HONK!! You know what that means, it was time to eat. For morning tea/lunch, I had a calcium, a chocolate doughnut, chips and biscuits. I wasn't really that hungry so I just drank my calcium then I left.

Jerry said that we could have free time. I first went to go practise on the little free rope then tried the big one. As I climbed the ladder, I was feeling nervous but excited at the same time. Slowly I took a step. The wind kept on blowing me but I kept balance. About 5 steps later, I finally fell feeling relaxed as me in my bed.

On my next turn I did the same thing, but listened to Jerry. He shouted “Look at the end of the rope and put your shoulders back!!!” So I kept on laughing and with the help of Jerry, I made it to the other end. I heard the boys yelling “Shot Quziyah!!!” I took my first step as I was walking backwards. I dropped and landed on my bottom. I was so glad that I made it halfway.

I tried some other obstacles but on most of them, I failed but tried hard and had a lot of fun. Sadly the day came to an end. We travelled on the bus back to school and everything went back to normal. It was so awesome at Action World:))

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