Wednesday, November 13, 2013

First School Day:)

“Wake Up!” My mother yelled as if  she woke up with a roaring lion lying beside her. The light of the sun shone sweetly all around my room as my mum quickly opened the curtains to wake me up. “Get ready for school.” I yawned as I took a long stretch feeling excited and tired at the same time.

Holding on tight to my mum’s hand, I felt scared as it was my first day at school. The teacher quietly whispered “Hello!” I hid behind my mother’s back feeling really nervous like I was gonna sing in front of the whole class. I never wanted to leave my mum’s side. It was like she was the heart to my body and if she left me I would have died. When she left my side, I cried like it was the end of the world. I started trembling and my heart was pounding.

Miss She was the teacher and she sat me next to a pretty stranger called Grace who became my first friend/cousin I knew at school. Butterflies were everywhere in my stomach. “Hi”, the stranger said to me. I wiped my tears and didn’t reply because I was really shy. The pretty girl told me what to do and I looked at her like she was speaking another language. The best bit in her speech was  “When we finish, we get to play with play-dough.” A little smile popped up on my face as I got to work straight away.

ABC’s and 123’s were bundled up everywhere in my mind. “What do we so now?” I asked my friend in a quiet voice. “You show Miss She” she replied. I nervously walked up to the teacher and handed the worksheet I was given over to her. “What if I get in trouble because I got it wrong?”I nervously said in my mind. “Now you can play with playdough!” Warm and squishy was the feeling in my hands. I made teddy bears, hearts, stars and more shapes. I made more friends who became my best friends called Miriama and Nelly-May.

Minutes went by. Then all of a sudden, “RIIIIINNNGGG!!!!!!” The morning tea bell rang. “Pack away everything!” The teacher shouted. All the students in the class including me, did exactly what she said and ran outside like the classroom was haunted. Crunch, sluuup and little chats was all I could hear as everyone was eating their food. “What do you have for lunch?” As I opened up my lunch box, I replied “A chicken sandwich, a calcium, biscuits and a bar.”

“Do you wanna play tigy?” Gracie asked me. “Yes but pegs not in!” “Pegs not in, pegs not in.” Everyone yelled. Around 11:30am when the bell rang, we all raced to class. Around the corner, pass the pathway and thru the hallway. Miss She opened the door almost with a struggle. I whispered “Sit up!” My friends and I sat up. She led our lines in and sat us down on the carpet. It was time to settle down and do work.

The teacher tested me on a book to see what reading group I was in. I think my first book at school I read was called The Fishing Trip. The book was about a boy who went on a trip with his father. They were going fishing at the beach down the road. Once the were in the boat, they realised that they left the fishing gear at home. The boy said to his father “I think we left the fishing gear at home.” The father replied “Oh well, I bought some sandwiches with us just incase we would’ve been out here for hours.” I was in the second highest group. The Giraffes.

After a while, the lunch bell rang. “Everybody sit down and eat your lunch.” Miss She yelled. I ate my two sandwiches and drank my calcium. Chicken, Mayonnaise, Chocolate. When the playing bell rang “RRRRIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!!!” My friends and I sprinted to the library like we were being chased by a lion. I slipped off my shoes and stepped up the steps. Puzzles, teddy-bears, books and blocks. There were heaps of things to play with in the library shop. A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y and Z. Now I know my ABC's. Next time won’t you sing with me?? “RRRRIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!!!” “Everyone please tidy up and go back to class.” All the kids in the library were instructed. I tiredly walked back to class and did the same thing I did when it was Morning Tea time.

As I got back to class, it was time to play a game called Octopus. There are two people as taggers in the middle and the whole class has to stand in a line facing the taggers. When the taggers say something like “People wearing red!” Then all the people who’s wearing red has to try and run to the other side without getting tagged. If you’re tagged, then you would have to stay still and try and tag people. So we played and played until it was finally home time. THE END!!!!

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