Friday, April 5, 2013

Sponge-Bob Sqare-Pants & Patrick Star!

One nice sunny day SpongeBob and his best friend Patrick were at their favorite beach - Goo-Lagoon.

“WOOOO!” Spongebob yelled as he hit a big wave. “Ooooooo” Patrick booed, thinking to himself that he has a solution to the problem of falling off the surfboard. Grabbing his glue from his invisible pocket, Patrick poured it onto his feet to stick himself tightly to his board.  “Apply the sauce.” he exclaimed.

He hopped into the water and started to surf on the humongous waves. “I will not be separated from this surfboard.” “ROCK!” Patrick shouted with frightness. He knew he was heading for a rock. “Separate, Separate.” His arms were flapping wildly and his eyes bugged out. CRAAAAAAAAASSH!!! SpongeBob's friends body ripped in half.

Patrick’s skeleton flew in the air and landed on his head in the soft white sand. His pink skin washed up on shore to where the skeleton was. The skeleton spoke to the skin. “I like your sandals.” As the broken surfboard looked like sandals. The pink skin replied “Thanks, we’re inseparable.



  1. Hi Quziyah,
    I love love love your story! I epically love your amazing drawings to go with it. To me that was the hook! Don't worry I loved your story too. Fantastic Work

    Jouan :)

  2. Hi Quziyah
    I love the story fantastic Vocabulary.
    And the artwork on it looks amazing.
    To me that was a hook.
    Amazing Job.

    From Jewell,Parkvale School


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