Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dory & Marlin - Finding Nemo

Deep down in the calm blue sea where all the coral was, there lived two different kinds of fishes. Dory who was always happy and Marlin who was very grumpy - because Dory kept on annoying him.

Marlin sat on a rock that was poking out, looking down into a dark hole where they had lost a pair of goggles. Feeling sad about losing something that could lead him to where his son was, Marlin was about to cry.

“Hey Mr Grumpy Gills” Dory says in a weird voice. “When life gets you down you know what you gotta do?” She questioned him. “I don’t want to know what you gotta do” Marlin replied frantically.

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming” Dory sang cheerfully. The fish continued singing in a high voice.

Down, down and down they swam as Dory was pulling Marlin by the fin into the black hole. He was trying to stop his friend from singing.  The clown fish got annoyed and shouted with anger “See now I'm gonna get stuck with that song now its in my head.” “Sorry!” The happy 
fish says.


  1. Hey Quziyah,
    Love your story. I like how you write paragraphs and I like your picture.
    Keep It Up !

  2. Great story BFF keep all the great word' s up you known how to write and I don't you are better then me

  3. Hi kizzi

    great story keep up the good work.


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