Thursday, October 18, 2012

Toy Story - My First Bear

On the first day of term 4, room 16 had to draw their favourite toy, their first toy or their dream toy.

I decided to draw my first toy because that's the only toy I remember having. Fairy bear was what I called it because it had wings and its a bear. My bear was the only bear called that because my bear was different to all the others.

I started off with the bears body and then the wings. For my background I drew a bright orange sun, a colourful rainbow,a cloud for the bear to stand on and a bright blue sky. Decorating my picture was the second to last thing I did but colouring my drawing was the lucky last thing I did.

Finally I showed Mr Somerville my fairy bear. The next day all of room 16 pictures were up on the wall by our topic name Toy Story.

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