Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Awesome Holiday

Hi my names Quziyah and this is my story about my holidays. During last week on Monday Katrina and I had a girls night out. We went to the Sylvia Park movie's. Then on Tuesday we had another girls night out but this time we went to Rainbow-end. On Monday Katrina and I went to the Sylvia park movie's. We had $50 each and the total all up was $100. First we bought a large pop corn, 2 fizzy drinks, maltesers and 2 packet of chips. We watched Step Up 4 and it was awesome. Katrina and I went hard out on the food then made a big mess. Our favourite bit was when the female hopped on the table and started dancing. Our eyes hurt from watching the screen all day. On Tuesday Katrina and I had another girls night out but this time we went to Rainbow-end and it was amazing. Rides and a lot of things. Before we went in we had a massive feed. It was about time we went inside because I haven’t been there in a long time. My favourite ride was the roller coaster. Katrina and I went back home dreaming about how fun our two days were.

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