Monday, May 21, 2012

My Weekend

Guess what we did in the weekend? We went to the market in Otara.

In the weekend my Aunt and I went to the market in Otara. Most Saturdays we go there. As soon as we got to the market, I was very hungry. We looked around and didn’t find anything we wanted.

My Aunt gave me $20 to buy anything I wanted to. I spent my money on food. I brought chips and kebabs. I only had $15 left.

When we were done looking around, we went to the Internet cafe. Sadly it was full so we went home. The only thing I could do was to play on the X-box. As soon as I knew it, it was night time. For dinner we had nachos and mince. It was delicious. It was bedtime. Just before bedtime I had a shower so then it was bedtime.

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  1. Hi Quziyah!

    It must of been loads of fun going to otara. My favorite part of the story was when you mentioned "For dinner we had nachos and mince" THAT SOUND YUMMY!!. Cant wait until your next post :)


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