Monday, May 7, 2012

My Swimming Experience

Guess what we’ve been up to this week? Room sixteen has been at the Glen Inness pools swimming pools.

This week we’ve been swimming. Usually we go after lunchtime but this time it was a little different because we went at 11:30. On our way we walked really slowly but Mr S told us to hurry up. We were learning how to swim because we have another camp at the end of the year and if we don’t know how to swim then we might drown.
Once we were at the pools, I quickly went to the changing room and got change. I was a bit nervous when I came out because it was my first time swimming this week. I went to line up and Mr S said “Who is new to swimming?” That means if you just started swimming today then we have to jump in the water first.
As soon as I hopped into the pool, the water was warm and cozy. The activity’s we did was floating, front stroke and front stroke with the board. My favourite activity was the front stroke without the board because it was just fun. At the end of our swimming lessons, it was a bummer because it was so cold even if we go outside. It has been so fun this week because we've been swimming.

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  1. hi Quziyah, I like you swimming story it is very interesting and i think it is way better than my swimming story i rote.

    By Katrina your friend!!!


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