Monday, July 28, 2014

Holiday Recount:)

With anticipation, I was politely approached by my parents about babysitting my younger brother. Babysitting is a life skill that is needed to be completed. If refused to accomplish this skill, it might be difficult for the person to babysit or look after children of their own. With an empty schedule, I confirmed the request because I knew that babysitting could increase your relationships with your siblings and others. I was hopefully hoping that there was going to be some money involved but unfortunately I already knew that there wasn't.

Switching the channel to Disney Junior, the TV show Max and Ruby appeared on the screen. Max and Ruby’s my baby brothers favorite program. Without a struggle, I lifted my brother, placing him into my arms and supporting the weight of him. I wandered into the kitchen and prepared a baby bottle. A while later, the bottle was warmed so I gripped onto the object and slowly entered the dummy part of the bottle into my brothers mouth. He started to suck on it and that was when I knew he was hungry.

My arms began to get drowsy. I waited for him to finish his bottle. It took about 20 minutes. With that amount of time of boringness, I pretend to enjoy myself. He drank an excessive amount. Looking down at the bottle, I noticed the milk-ish colour of the milk was dribbling on my baby brothers shirt. That meant he was full, so I took the bottle out of his mouth and placed it on the dining table.

Seeing my brother not laughing made me think that maybe he’s bored. I layed him down on the couch and began to shake his doggy toy and when I did, it made a dinging sound. As I shook his blue hippo toy, he didn't seem interested. With an irritated head, I couldn't take the noise any more. I sat my brother on my lap and watched Max and Ruby with him. He stared at the screen with amazement.

In the mean time, I picked up my brother and took him to my bedroom mirror. I kept on saying “Who’s that in the mirror?” But he didn’t really care. Coming up with ideas to entertain him, I finally thought of one. I placed him down on the couch and pointed facials at him. I could see that he really enjoyed it and I thought that the facial of poking the tongues was the most likable facial.

As the time flew by, the day was nearly over. My aunty arrived home and I knew it was time for my brother to leave. I picked up my baby brother and sat him down in his black car seat. I buckled him up, picked up the car seat and gave it to my aunty. I said my goodbyes as my aunty walked out of the house. I've accomplished the babysitting skill.

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