Thursday, February 13, 2014


The moment before catching the train with my siblings on a hot day, we all realized we had a little amount of money. We either had the choice of spending it on a nice cold ice block from the dairy or saving it for a train ride to Sylvia Park. Since it was so hot, the three of us chose to spend it on an ice block. So my two siblings and I roamed to the shop and brought us an ice block.

We wandered back to the train station and snuck our way into the train. It almost carried us all the way past the Panmure station when all of a sudden the train man came by to check our tickets. A few seconds later, we were kicked off the train at the Panmure train station.

As we were roaming around in Panmure, my sister peaked through the bushes and spotted a twenty dollar note. She crawled into the bushes and with luck, she found sixty dollars. So we happily pranced back to the train station and travelled our way on the tracks to the Sylvia Park Hoyts. My brother, sister and I arrived at Sylvia Park. While we made our way to the movies, we created a conversation about what to watch. The choices were Frozen and Walking With Dinosaurs. We all decided to watch Frozen.

A couple of minutes later, we entered through the automatic doors and walked to the counter. “Can we please have three tickets to Frozen please?” My brother asked the person at the counter politely. The stranger replied “Sure. So is that three children?” “Yes.” My brother happily said. “Is there anything else you would like?” Says the counter lady. “Yes please. Can we get a large popcorn, three medium coke drinks and a packet of lollies please?” My brother said. “Sure.” And then the conversation ended.

Afterwards when I excitedly walked up the lit up stairs, I could feel the spilt popcorn crunching under my shoes. I sunk into my seat and and patiently waited for the movie to start. After a while, the starting of the movie came on. The introduction started with snowflakes flying around. A weird song was sung by workers who were unknown. My favorite part of the movie was when the friendly, funny snowman said “Hi I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs.” “Olaf? That’s right, Olaf.” Said one of the characters Anna. “And you are?” Says Olaf. “I’m Anna.” She replies. “And who’s the funny looking donkey over there?” Olaf said. “That’s Sfen.” “Aha! And who’s the reindeer?” “Sfen!”

Later when about two and a half an hours went by, we wandered out of the hoyts and walked through the mall. On the way to the train station, I saw many people doing different movements and stores filled with objects. When I looked up, I saw store signs hanging everywhere and when I looked down, I could only see a clean tiled floor. A few minutes later, the train arrived so we rushed to into the train before the doors closed. Good for us, we had enough time to buy a ticket and hop onto the train. On the way back I saw tree’s buildings, cars, horses, and more things. When my siblings and I arrived in Glen Innes, we hopped off the train and walked back home. By the time we got home it was already dinner time. “What’s for dinner?” I asked my father. He replied “KFC!” So we ate and then the day ended.

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