Monday, September 9, 2013

Rainbow Warrior Bombing!!!

Late one night two suspicious men were seen zooming past in a zodiac heading towards the Marsden Wharf at down town Auckland. They were two spies who were working for the French government. Meanwhile on the Rainbow Warrior  everyone was celebrating the 29th birthday of the director of the anti-nuclear movement. The spies both had their scuba gear on and were ready to dive in. Without anyone noticing, they dove into the cold water. Underneath the Rainbow Warrior they swam, seeing nothing but the light of their torches. As they made it under the boat they each planted one bomb. One under the engine and one under the propeller.

It was nearly midnight and after so much partying, sadly the celebration was almost over. Nearly everybody left to party somewhere else leaving only a few people on the boat. “BOOOOM!!!” The first bomb went off with a shake that everyone felt. “Abandon ship! Abandon ship!” The captain of the Warrior bellowed. About four minutes later, “BOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!” A bigger explosion happened as the second bomb went off killing a Portuguese photographer who unfortunately did not escape.

As the explosion was over, it left gigantic holes in the wrecked ship. Water filled up on one side but it didn't completely sink. Officers investigated and uncovered who planted the bombs. Unfortunately it wasn't the two spies who accidently got arrested, it was a lady named Dominique Prieur and a man named Alain Mafart who hired a van and was told to wait for the spies. However less than two years, they got sent back to France. As the female and male arrived in France, they were suddenly treated like heroes. Later the French government paid $13 million to New Zealand in compensation. The French didn't stop the nuclear testing in the Pacific for 10 more years. The French government decided to test their nuclear bombing in French Polynesia instead of France, because if something went wrong it won’t affected the people in their country.

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