Friday, July 5, 2013

Once Upon A Time.......

Hansel & Gretel
In a land where the most daisies grow & most beautiful waterfalls are, there lived two young kids that were deeply in love but there was a huge problem. On the other side of the land was evil. Three normal looking people a mum and two sisters lived inside a house on that evil side but are they really normal?

One fine sunny day, Hansel and Gretel went to explore, but all of a sudden they walked into the dark side without even noticing. One of the sisters fell in love with Hensel and got really jealous. So jealous that she wanted to set a trap and kill Gretel. They didn’t notice the tower as it just looked like bushes.

While the couple were building their new home, G (Gretel) went to find more wood. She found the tower in the woods. She didn’t know who lived in it or who owned this dark land. She opened a secret door with a creaky sound.

“Hello” She shouted. Nobody answered as she said it again. Gretel could hear little noises around her as something fell noticing somebody had tricked her. “HELP!!” She called frightenedly. “Hello Gretel” A voice in the dark whispered silently. “Mother, We’ve captured her”, After That they took her and put her in the tower she had nothing to do.

She was lost for 2 months, Gretels hair had grown a lot she was always sad and had no friends she was locked up in the tower and couldn’t escape.  Her stepmother will call her every time Hansel Hansel let down your hair and he long hair will fall out the window.

About 3 hours later Hansel was walking thru the bushes and heard someone shouting “Gretel Gretel let down your hair” He ran as fast as he can hearing the name of his beloved wife. As he ran, he saw a tower with long beautiful hair falling down on the side of the window. He thought something strange happened. He waited for the old lady to go away.

In the Morning Hansel got ready and Yelled “GRETEL GRETEL LET DOWN YOUR HAIR!!!” The long beautiful hair fell from the tower. Hansel grabbed hold of her hair. She pulled him up thinking he was the stepmother. When Hansel got into the tower he saw his wonderful Gretel.

He sprinted and gave her the biggest hug ever. She cried and cried “You finally came to save me”. They ran together threw the dark cold woods back to their land and never returned.  `They enjoyed the rest of their lives and lived happily ever. Meanwhile The evil Step Sisters and mother cried everyday of their life as they help clean the town and clean all the rich peoples washing. Because of that Hansel and Gretel reported them to the police and they were wanted criminals.

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