Wednesday, March 13, 2013

100 Words!

Roaming around in Girlsland with my cute, young sister Megan I was hoping to find her favourite ride - The Girly Girl Cars. Searching and finding, she was about to cry. “YAAAY!” she yelled. You know what that means, she had found it. Running to her favourite car Pinky, she was so excited because pink is her favourite colour. “Buckle your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!” a weird voice said. Up, down, side to side. Having fun for a couple of minutes., the car suddenly stopped. “What happened?” I said. No one replied as everyone on the ride was frightened.

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  1. GMO only if that was in real life it would be cool as but no there is no Girls land anyway that was great witting keep it up !!!!


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