Friday, December 7, 2012


Dogs can be any colour. They can run jump and play. You could even have dogs as a pet. I have two  pet dogs. Nigger Girl and Bruno.

Bruno is a brown dog. He likes to run jump and play with my brothers, sisters and I. He likes to rip up stuff. Bruno loves to be taken out for a walk so he could only run around without his leash on. It’s kind of annoying when he’s not on his collar because he always runs out to the front and jumps over the fence. After we realise he’s gone he’s just down the road. My brothers, sisters and I have to always chase after him then get him inside.

Nigger girl is black and white. She loves to play with tennis balls. Whenever you through a tennis ball near her she would chase after it and grab it with her mouth. Nigger girl likes to sit on couches and she loves to sniff. If you're outside then she won’t play with any balls because she will mostly be sniffing things. She also likes people rubbing her belly. When she's in a car she likes to stick her head out the window.

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  1. To Quziyah,

    I loved your story really badly and those Dogs you put up for your pictures they are so adorable. KEEP UP THE GREAT/AWESOME WORK QUZIYAH.

    From: Katrina Mae:L


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