Friday, February 10, 2012

Quziyah - All About Me

Kai Ora, my name is Quziyah. My birthday is on the thirteenth of August 2001. My nationality is Maori. My hair color is black and my eyes are dark brown.

My family members are Desirei, Jaedyn, Stacie, Summah, Rheo, Dee-Vance and Juddge. Most of my friends are all of the girls in my class. We have a pet dog and his name is Bruno. The yummiest food I think is chocolate.

My favourite computer game is checkers. The smurfs is my favourite movie. The best sport that I have played is netball. My favourite subject in school is music and my worst subject is reading.

My favourite band is Ardijah because my auntie is the singer for the band. Her name is Betty-Ann. My favourite book is The first day of school. In the future I would like to be a netball player.

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