Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Netball lessons

Guess what room fifteen did?

Well, on Thursday afternoons we went to the courts to practise netball with a lady called Emma. She was the lady who was going to teach us some netball skills. First we all got into a line and Emma called out numbers. Number one’s had to line up in one line by the toilet's, then number two’s had to line up opposite us. The person in front of you was your partner and my partner was James.

We all started with chest passing. Chest passing is the main pass in netball. After that room fifteen did bounce passing. Bounce pass is a pass when you have to bounce the ball close to your teams feet because their partner might come out of no where and grab it. I think we did a high pass after that. A high pass is a high pass when you have to throw the ball.

After all our skills lessons I feel now that I am a better netball player. This has helped me for when I represent the school on a Thursday night at the Auckland Netball Courts in Morrin Road.

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  1. Hi Quziyah,
    What a great netball story. I really enjoyed reading it.

    KEEP IT UP!!!
    by yourself


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