Friday, May 20, 2011

Building tall towers.

WOW!!! Guess what we did this term? This term room fourteen and fifteen had a challenge to see who could build the tallest tower. The teachers put both of the classes into two teams.

The first class I went to was room 14. But when I was in room 15, we had a challenge to see who could build the tallest tower. In my group the winners were Lukis, Minhaj, Kyal, Zyrin and Timoteo. The people in my group were Mele, Hope and Doris.

Doris and I did the sellotape. Hope and Mele did the paper. They rolled up the paper. Then they sellotaped it onto the other piece of paper. The girls rolled up some more paper and tried to make the tallest tower they could. We only got 20 minutes to build the tower.

At the end of the challenge we came last. Jorja said that her one died. After that it was lunch time. Finally it was time to eat. That was tiring.


  1. Hi Quziyah

    great building with team and wonderful work on your building.

    by your best friend forever Hope loia

  2. Hey Quziyah,

    I think that you got good writing experience, you know why because you used heaps of exciting words. Maybe next time you could try not to use the same word again in a different sentence. Anyway KEEP UP THE GOOD WRITING EXPERIENCE!.

    From Taeshell (your friend)

  3. Hi Quziyah
    i like you story about room 14
    and room 15 making tower out of
    newspaper keep your work up.

  4. Hi
    That was a really great story you have there, I see you have some different beginning in your story. You are a really talented girl and you are a good story writer.


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